METALAST TCP-HF and METALAST TCP-HF EPA (extended protection additive) are trivalent chromate and RoHS compliant chemical conversion coating products. Both METALAST TCP-HF and METALAST TCP-HF EPA meet mil-c-5541 spec and the hexavalent chromium EU ELV directive. METALAST TCP-HF and METALAST TCP-HF EPA are QPL approved and the only viable hexavalent chromium substitutes available to the metal finishing industry.

METALAST TCP-HF and METALAST TCP-HF EPA are derivatives from a chemical originally developed by the Department of Defense, United States Naval Air System Command (NAVAIR), named “Navy TCP”.  This trivalent chromate based chemical was developed and patented by the U.S. Navy after failing to qualify existing hexavalent chromium alternatives due to high cost and their overall inferior performance.

METALAST CC-600 Blue is a simple additive to the METALAST TCP-HF and METALAST TCP-HF EPA processing tanks. CC-600 leaves an easily identifiable blue color to the finished part, ensuring those in quality control that the enviromentally friendly and RoHS compliant chemical METALAST TCP-HF was applied to their parts. CC-600 is not a performance additive like METALAST TCP-HF EPA, it simply provides a recognizable color.


Historically hexavalent chromium (hex 6) has been the chemical conversion product of choice for metal finishing applications.  Hexavalent chromium is a known carcinogen, which not only harms humans but the environment as well.  As a result, industries directives, such as the hexavalent chromium EU ELV directive and the RoHS compliant chemical conversion coating, have forced the metal finishing industry to make a change.  Over the years replacements have come to market, however due to inferior performance including inability to pass corrosion, hardness and electrical resistance testing inability to meet mil-c-5541 spec and along with high costs, a true hexavalent chromium alternative was needed.

NAVAIR and a project team consisting of Hill Air Force Base, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Corpus Christi Army Depot developed and tested the Navy TCP trivalent chromate chemical.  Soon after and as a result of the tests, NAVAIR was granted a patent and TCP was recognized as a true trivalent chromate based hexavalent chromium alternative.

METALAST was awarded the first of four licenses to manufacture, market, sell and distribute its branded hexavalent chromium alternative version METALAST TCP-HF.  METALAST TCP-HF is available exclusively through METALAST or its network of authorized distributors.  METALAST TCP-HF is a RoHS compliant chemical conversion coating chemical, which also meets the hexavalent chromium EU ELV directive and the mil-C-5541 spec.

NOTE:  METALAST TCP-HF and METALAST TCP-HF EPA are registered trademark products of METALAST Surface Technology, LLC.  Although these trivalent chromate chemicals are derived from the original NAVY TCP, METALAST has made significant improvements and modified the based formulations that substantially improve the performance characteristics of these specific QPL approved and RoHS and mil-C- 5541 products that also meet the hexavalent chromium EU ELV directive.  These trademarked hex replacements can only be purchased from METALAST or its network of authorized distributors.

If a manufacturing specification does not provide for a substitution, use the term “or the equivalent” or does not reference the generic use of any one of Navy TCP trivalent chromate products and requires the specific application of METALAST TCP-HF or METALAST TCP-HF EPA then these products may not be substituted and must be used in order to be in full compliance with the manufacturers specification.

General Performance

In over two years of independent testing and validation, METALAST TCP-HF has clearly demonstrated itself to be the overall best performing hex-free trivalent chromate anti-corrosive, bonding/adhesion, conductor and anodizing seal replacement in the world market, outperforming all other non-Navy TCP products in some cased by up to 5 times. 

METALAST TCP-HF and METALAST TCP-HF EPA trivalent chromate products are nearing final testing and approvals with further pending specifications very likely from other leading companies in the Automotive, Aerospace, Building Materials, Electronics, Marine, Telecommunications and Industrial Industries.

Specific Performance and Product Advantages

METALAST TCP-HF dramatically outperforms, as tested and documented, other trivalent chromate plating chemicals in key areas, such as:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Coating durability
  • Paint and adhesive bonding 

METALAST TCP-HF a RoHS compliant chemical conversion coating and trivalent chromate product advantages include:

  • Lower solution operating temperature- Room Temperature-120°F
  • Much harder than conventional hexavalent or alternative trivalent chromates
  • Can be applied and dried in bulk
  • No topcoat required
  • Extreme temperature exposure
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards for:
    • Contact resistance
    • Adhesion
    • Coating weight


Although originally developed for use on aluminum, METALAST TCP-HF has been tested to the hexavalent chromium EU ELV directive and proven to be an effective trivalent chromate on a wide variety of metals, including:

  • Bare aluminum
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Zinc and zinc alloys
  • IVD
  • Cadmium
  • Silver
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Iron Alloys
  • Magnesium
  • Zirconium

METALAST TCP-HF meets mil-c-5541 spec and provides superior results for different finishing applications, including:

  • Paint bonding
  • Chromate replacement
  • Anodize sealer
  • Passive coating and anti-tarnish


Originally tested by the ESTCP (Environmental Security Technology Certification) on the Amphibious Assault Vehicle, S3 Transport, F-18 and H46 Helicopter frames.  The two- year test included in-flight field-testing and evaluation and provided excellent results.

Additional testing and evaluation was performed by the University of Massachusetts, which pitted METALAST TCP-HF versus seven other technologies.  Areas of testing included: salt spray, adhesion, self-healing and conductivity.  At the end of the testing period, METALAST TCP-HF provided the best results across the board and proved to be an acceptable trivalent chromate replacement for Hex Chromates under all criteria.


METALAST TCP-HF is a approved trivalent chromate and meets or exceeds all major industry directives including

  • QPL (Qualified Products List)- METALAST TCP-HF is QPL LISTED
  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)
  • ELV (End of Life Vehicle Directive)
  • WEEE (Waste, Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive)
  • OSHA Hexavalent Chromium PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit)
  • EO 13148 (Executive Order)
  • Mil-C-5541 spec

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